Her Puppies Were Still Missing, So He Played Sound Of Puppies Crying On Phone

When Hope For Paws rescued a homeless Pit Bull named Rosie, it soon became evident that something was off with her, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The dog was on the verge of tears and refused to engage with any human. Soon, rescuer Eldad Hagar noticed that Rosie was lactating – meaning she had given birth just a few days back!

Eldad immediately let Rosie out of the cage and asked her to take him to her puppies. The mama dog frantically ran toward an abandoned truck in a dumping ground, and crawled under the truck with an ominously distressed look on her face.

Eldad looked around for a while but there were no puppies in sight. He feared if Rosie’s litter had failed to survive, but his gut told him that the nervous Rosie simply didn’t want to trust any human with her precious babies.

Finally, Eldad decided to follow his instincts and look for the puppies again. This time, he took out his phone and played crying puppy sounds from a video. Soon, Rosie raised her head again, and seemed visibly disturbed and anxious.

For the next few minutes, Rosie raced past a field while Eldad followed her with the puppy track still playing on his phone. Rosie stopped only when she had arrived at another garbage dump, but Eldad still couldn’t find her puppies.

In a triumphant moment for the entire rescue team, Rosie scaled down a ditch and carefully guided Eldad to her puppies – who were perfectly camouflaged in the shabby background! By the end of this video, Rosie not only trusted Eldad with her 5 puppies but also started hoping for a better future. We must say, this brave mama dog did a stellar job of protecting her puppies all this time!

Click the video below to watch how Eldad won over the defensive mama dog with the use of technology!


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