Her Owner Shot Her And Left Her To Die In A Field, They Had To Amputate Her Leg

Hope the German Shepherd was found abandoned in a vast cornfield in the middle of winter in Kansas City, Missouri. The terrified pooch was freezing and screaming in pain after being left to die with a severe gunshot wound. Sadly, it took days for her agonizing cries to reach anyone’s ears, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Hope’s situation had turned critical by the time she was rushed to the veterinary team at Wayside Waifs. She was shaking uncontrollably and her breathing was deep and heavy. An X-ray revealed that Hope’s left femur was completely shattered by the gunshot, and her vital organs were only spared by a few inches.

The vets tried their best to help Hope recover under intensive care, but they were heartbroken to realize that her wounded leg couldn’t be salvaged and decided to amputate it. The dog’s health significantly improved after the amputation surgery, but her abusive past kept traumatizing her during recovery. However, Hope’s caretakers refused to give up on her and they started using trust-building exercises to rehabilitate her tortured soul.

After months of uncertainty, Hope finally found salvation in the arms of Justin Ranger, her new dad! Justin accepted the 3-legged dog with an open heart and also helped her reclaim her independence again. Hope is truly living the life she deserves now, far away from the clutches of the monster ex-owner who tried to end her!

Click the video below to watch Hope defied all odds to become a symbol of “hope” for abused creatures!


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