Heartwarming Reunion of Man and His Dog After 8 Years Apart

Mike Nuanes was confused when he received a call from an animal shelter saying they had a dog who was his. His girlfriend immediately went to check on their four dogs, and all were accounted for. He was even more confused when they said they were calling from a shelter 1,400 miles away, writes dogheirs

When he told Jill Davis from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, that she must be mistaken, she asked ‘Is his name Jordan?’. That’s when Mike’s jaw dropped.

The last time Mike had seen his Shih Tzu, Jordan, was 8 years earlier and the dog was just a puppy. Mike and his late wife had walked to a nearby house to have breakfast with family.

When they returned home, Jordan had disappeared. Mike wasn’t sure what happened, although he suspects someone stole her from the backyard.

Jill explained Jordan had been brought to them the last week in October by a Good Samaritan who had found him as a stray. He was in pretty bad shape: covered in fleas, patches of hair missing, extremely emaciated. But when the shelter scanned Jordan, his microchip matched him to Mike.

Mike was shocked at the news, but Jill told news outlets, “It didn’t take him a second to say, ‘I’m going to get him a ticket and fly him out here [to Denver].’”

A few days later, Mike flew from Denver to Atlanta and arrived at the shelter with a leash, food, food bowls, and a new collar in hand, ready to be reunited with his long-lost friend. It was an emotional reunion to say the least!

Here’s the video of their very first moments together!

Although Jordan looked like he had been through a lot in the video and doesn’t seem to recognize Mike, Mike updated the shelter when he returned home to tell them Jordan was settling in well.

Jordan was happily getting acquainted with Mike’s four other dogs and being welcomed home. Mike said, “They accepted him right in and they’re getting closer to him.”

It’s so heartwarming to know that despite his terrible ordeal, Jordan found his way home at long last.


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