Heartbroken Boy is Happy To Finally Reunite With His Missing Dog

Leandro, 11, felt his world had shattered earlier this week, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Their beloved dog, Mili, his greatest buddy, was lost from their home in Brazil.

Leandro and his family looked all over for the puppy, but they were unable to locate her.

But everything soon changed.

A dog was spotted wandering alone along the street and reported to a nearby firefighter named Juninho Giugni.

The dog seemed lost and dressed in a tidy sweater.

It was Mili.

Giugni keeps the dog safe until her owners could be identified after suspecting that she was a lost pet; little did he know how much it would mean to Leandro.

Giugni learned about Leandro and his family’s desperate search for a dog that matched the description of the puppy he saved. He soon found them and was able to locate them.

Giugni took a car to the family’s residence, where young Leandro was sitting in the front yard sobbing.

“When we arrived, he was crying tears of relief,” Giugni said. “Their reunion was magical.”

Mili being safe and in Leandro’s arms again made him happy.

“We were thrilled,” Giugni said. “Leandro told us that we saved the family.”

Giugni frequently helps missing or unhappy animals in his line of work, but in Mili’s case, he got to see his shattered heart mend.

“Every day, I rescue animals,” Giugni said. “This one was special.”

Here is the video:


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