Heartbreaking Scenes For Ukrainian People Clinging To Their Pets During Flee

We all know that in wars many people decide to flee their homes in order to stay safe, writes thepetneeds

So, when the war between Russia and Ukraine has recently taken place, many Ukrainian citizens flee their towns to stay safe. On the other hand, many others do not want to leave their homes without their pets!

Fortunately, many countries like Slovakia, Romania, and Poland are letting the Ukrainian citizens to bring their pets with no vet paperwork. Anyway, many other pets are in need of care, medicine, and food in Ukraine. Thankfully, many heroic shelter workers and volunteers are still helping the homeless pets.

If you are willing to help these pets, you can reach these Ukrainian organizations:

This is one of the organizations that are doing its best to help the pets by giving them supplies and food. UAnimals, that have already sent help to many Ukrainian shelters across the country like Sirius, Pif, Possibility for Life, and Provide A Paw, needs your donations.

Happy Paw used to help stray animals by promoting humane therapy. They are now doing their best to help the poor pets, who do not have homes as the war is so harsh. You can donate to this organization by sending a message to its Facebook page.

Shelter Ugolyok

This Ukrainian ranch pet rescue shelter are doing whatever it takes to transport supplies and food to near-bombing towns. It is a very hard mission, and they need your donations. You can now donate to it through PayPal “[email protected]”.

Casa lui Patrocle

This advocating nonprofit organization, that has been helping animals from 2016, need your donations as they are trying to make sure to help families taking their pets with them before leaving Ukraine.

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