Heartbreaking moment elephant herd try to save calf injured by car

In an extremely moving scene, a herd of elephants are desperately trying to rescue a helpless calf on the side of the road in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, writes pintiks

Apparently, the baby elephant got hit by a speedy car, and the accident left it lying on the ground. Though, the little one’s family rushed to save its life, their efforts were in vain as the calf did not made it. The moment was caught on camera and it is nothing short of heartbreaking!

Heidi Haas, a 66-year-old wildlife enthusiast, was on a safari trip, when came across the emotional scene. She even caught the moment on camera, and it can be seen as two elephant adults – most likely the calf’s parents – are trying to rescue it. Unfortunately, the baby calf suffered some very serious injuries, so there was nothing that could have been done.

“I was in complete shock when I saw that this baby elephant had been knocked down by a speeding vehicle,” the woman explained for the “With tearful eyes, I had to watch how the entire elephant family tried to help this little one without actually being able to do a thing.”

The safari guides have alerted the park’s rangers, and shortly after a rescue team arrived at the scene. But there wasn’t too much they can do. They wasn’t even able to get close to the calf as the herd didn’t let them.

“The elephant family didn’t want them being anywhere near the herd,” Haas said. “It was emotionally draining to watch and I never want to have to experience such a moment again. My last words to everyone who visits these magnificent Parks all over the world, please take care and don’t over speed as the loss of such a beautiful life as in this case is absolutely unnecessary.”

Watch the heartbreaking moment here!


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