He was Thin, Exhausted From Hunger, And Attacked Me For Food

Meet Mota! Mota was an abandoned dog on a main street in Riohacha, when we found him very thin and unable to stand for long in his frail state. He is trying every last breath because of hunger and illness.

He was very aggressive, he was …. He even attacked me for food. Little by little, I will gain Mota’s trust and I will teach him that many of us are good. Please send your precious prayers to this angel.

This warrior continues to fight, today it has eaten very well, its aggressiveness is gradually disappearing. You will soon see him running and playing with other dogs in the shelter.

Mota, he has begun to believe, he has gained weight… Mota’s recovery is miraculous, every day he surpasses himself, both physically and mentally. He deserves another chance in life. He is still looking for a happy home. Please share the video of this angel, hopefully he will meet great parents.

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Image and video source: YOUTUBE

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