He Howled And Withered Away In A Trash Pile, Neighbor Knew & Didn’t Do A Thing

Homelessness affects both humans and animals, writes ilovemydogsomuch

We do what we can but for advocates, it’s an uphill battle. A group of people was squatting on a piece of property. Their make-shift outdoor home was not conducive to healthy living. And to make matters worse, there was a dog with them too! A concerned neighbor called Tia, from Pit Bulls And Parolees, to come out and have a look at him.

When Tia arrived, she went in back to check it out. Behind a trailer was a sweet Pit Bull that was skin and bones. He had no food and was tethered to a tree. There was garbage on top of garbage– and dog waste everywhere. The poor dog only had a bowl filled with dirt and rainwater. His skin was exposed from either mange or allergies.

What was most heartbreaking was how relieved and happy the dog was to see Tia and her assistant. The dog was left all alone and was in desperate need of food and affection. He wagged his tail like crazy. He was now going to live at the sanctuary. His sad days were now officially over! This was not a life for any dog!

When Tia was leaving, a nosy neighbor began to scream: “Hey, that’s Johnny’s dog!” Tia explained that she didn’t care whose dog he was, that he was coming with her because he was obviously not being cared for. The guy was pissed off. He responded to the situation as if the dog, a beautiful living creature, was a piece of stolen property. He also repeatedly said that the dog was fine. Tia’s assistant went up to him and told him that the dog wasn’t fine and leaving him behind like that isn’t okay.

While it appeared that the neighbor eventually calmed down, it was obvious that he would never understand that dogs are WAY MORE like children than they are a piece of property. They don’t just deserve to be cared for– they MUST be cared for. It’s not optional!

Now that the dog is in good hands, he will be well-cared for. That’s what truly matters. Please, like the caller in this story did, if you see something, say something. If you know that an animal is not being properly cared for, doing nothing makes you guilty too!

See the dog being rescued in the video below!


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