Guard Dog Birthed Countless Litters That Died, Women Beg Man To Hand Them Over

A rescue organization, Love Furry Friends, was tagged on a video posted on social media, writes ilovemydogsomuch

It showed young puppies running on their own in the road. The rescuers knew they had to help them… fast! Traffic was unpredictable and they had no idea if anyone was taking care of the babies.

When the rescuers arrived, the puppies weren’t in the road so they drove a bit and recognized the property nearby. It was an industrial property owned by a man who kept two guard dogs. The guard dogs were male and female and neither of them had been spayed or neutered. They kept having puppies who were then run over or died from diseases. It was a horrible fate.

Something had to be done! The rescuers approached and spoke with a security guard. He wasn’t happy to let them in but they did their best to persuade him. They said they would take the puppies and spay their mom for free and bring her back. The security guard said they could take the puppies but not their mother. She had an important job to do. He didn’t understand that she would keep having unwanted litters but at least the puppies would be safe.

The adorable puppies could finally be seen running around. They were so cute and so helpless. It was a miracle none of them were injured. The pups ran into a small building and the rescuers followed them and the security guard.

The man handed the puppies over one by one. The rescuers kept trying to explain to him that their mom could be spayed quickly and it was the best thing for her. After a lot of back and forth, he finally agreed. This was a very big deal! This meant no more unwanted pups! The family was loaded into their vehicle and they headed to the vet clinic.

The puppies were covered in fleas! They were given heartworm pills then headed over to have flea baths. They were such troopers and the warm water felt so good! Once they were dried off, it was time to have a good meal. This was likely their first real meal ever. They ate everything up, so happily.

Mom was spayed the next day. The rescue group was sad that she had lost so many puppies in the past. Now that she was sterilized, she didn’t have to go through such grief. The rescuers understood that the mama dog had a job to do but they were sad to see her go. They would’ve loved to have given her a life of leisure with a family.

The sweetest thing happens once the mama dog returns to the industrial area. You can’t miss it. Her life hasn’t been easy but at least she is loved by a very special someone. See for yourself in the video below!


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