Groomers Accused Of Breaking Dogs’ Jaws, Busting Teeth, & Strangling Them

Two families from Las Vegas, Nevada are fighting back, as they report their dogs were injured on separate occasions by two different dog groomers, writes dogfull

Both families want the public to know what happened to their dogs so other pet parents will not suffer the same fate. The allegations against the groomers are so serious that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, city, and county animal control are involved.

Margarita Bicana alleges her Yorkshire Terrier, Turbina, suffered a fractured jaw, brain swelling, broken teeth, and over $2,000 in veterinary bills after a grooming salon visit to Lucky’s Pet Grooming on East Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas. Little Turbina underwent surgery to repair her broken jaw, which Bicana said “broke her heart.”

As authorities were reviewing surveillance video of alleged abuse at the hands of a groomer from Lucky’s Pet Grooming, another report of dog abuse at a groomer came in. The second incident allegedly took place at Barking Dogs on Cimarron and Blue Diamond Roads and the victim was Coco, a Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix. Little Coco was treated at the veterinarian’s office for broken blood vessels in her eyes from suspected trauma at the grooming shop.

In response to the alleged abuse, Bicana started a Justice for Turbina Facebook page to make the public aware of her dog’s suffering. Bicana tried to get the groomer to talk to her, but she says they will not have a conversation in person or on the phone. When a news reporter tried to talk to them, they refused to talk to them either.

“You bring your healthy puppy for a haircut and then they give you back a dog that is not able to breathe and is spitting blood,” Coco’s ower, Mariana Alvarado Garcia, said.

For more information on both cases, please press play on the video below.

Source: dogfull

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