Great Dane Napping On Trampoline Is Living His Best Life

Moose! Moose! No the Canadian woman shouting the words isn’t declaring there’s a moose in her yard. She’s calling to her dog whose decided that the trampoline is the perfect place to stretch out and have a nap, writes reshareworthy

His mom, who lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario filmed her dog relaxing on the trampoline with his front leg lazily draped over his eyes to shield away the sun.

She posted the video of her luxuriating pooch and captioned it, “My ten-month-old Great Dane Moose selectively choosing to take a break on the trampoline.”

Moose sure looks to be enjoying himself. It’s too bad his mom had to go an interrupt his slumber. Viewers remarked that the Great Dane’s relaxed repose is to be honored and adored. One viewer writes on YouTube, “He’s smart. He recognized comfort n took advantage of the situation. How cute.”

Another viewer noted Moose’s mom needed to brush up on her observation skills. “Clearly, Moose was sleeping and was in the zone. There was no need to interrupt his slumber. He is adorable,” they write.

“Moose had the ‘I know you ain’t just wake me up to ask me no dumb question’ face,” commented one viewer about Moose’s response to being rudely awoken.

One person was more direct message. “He’s having a moment, leave him alone, LOL.”

No matter. We’re pretty sure Moose gets lots of time to chill and relax. He looks very relaxed and at ease, which means he’s one happy dog. As one viewer noted, “The sleep position shows that this is a happy and secure dog.” And we’d have to agree.

What do dogs dream about when they are sleeping? Well, scientists say us! Read about that here. And if you are curious about what a dog’s sleeping position means, read our article The Position In Which Dogs Sleep Reveals Secrets About Their Personalities And Their Moods.

Moose reminds us of another Great Dane, Nilo, who was caught napping in a hammock!


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