Grateful kangaroo offers handshake as men save it from freezing lake

This kangaroo decided in a beautiful way to thank the people who saved it, writes animaland

According to the Daily Mail Australia, the man who noticed that there was a kangaroo in the Burley Griffin was called David Boyd. This happened in Canberra.

David realized that the animal could not save itself, and the water very quickly became ice.

A few fearless people who found themselves there decided to help the kangaroo come to a dry surface.

Although they tried not to frighten the unfortunate animal, he began to fidget in fear.

No matter what, they grabbed him and pulled him out of the water.

There came another man who comforted the animal as it froze and trembled with fear.

These animals can be very embarrassing if they think someone wants to attack them, but it seems to be clear to them what these people want.

The kangaroo, seemingly in gratitude, extended his hand to one of the people who saved him.

The cameraman even told the man that the kangaroo was thanking him.


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