Goldfish Helps His Friend Who Is Too Sick To Swim And Eat, Shows That They Have Feelings Too

A remarkable video shows a pet goldfish helping his sick friend stay alive, writes pintiks

The owner of the fish noticed that the darker of the two has a mobility problem and started wondering how it managed to survive for so long.

He decided to solve the mystery by filming the secret life in the aquarium. The footage left him in awe…The goldfish was helping the sick friend to reach the food floating on the surface.

It is unclear what the driving factor behind the fish’s apparently benevolent behavior was. One thing is sure – with new scientific research emerging, we understand that these creatures are way more complex than we previously thought.

Jonathan Balcombe, the director of animal sentience with the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy, writes: “As a biologist who specializes in animal behavior and emotions, I’ve spent the past four years exploring the science on the inner lives of fishes. What I’ve uncovered indicates that we grossly underestimate these fabulously diverse marine vertebrates. The accumulating evidence leads to an inescapable conclusion: Fishes think and feel.”


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