Goldendoodle rescued a baby fawn from a lake

It is good that today humanity has less needs for ferocious dogs, as in the past centuries, modern breeds are distinguished by a kind and sympathetic disposition. For example, a Goldendoodle, a hybrid of a poodle and a retriever — one named Harley distinguished himself the other day, writes positive-info

One evening, Ralph Dorn noticed that Harley was nowhere to be found. He found it in the lake behind the property, and the dog wasn’t alone.

Harley was swimming toward the shore, pushing something small. It was a tiny fawn!

How the animal ended up in the lake, Dorn never understood. But it was a miracle that Harley had noticed him before the kid was exhausted. This is the land of people, around the house and fences, so it is unlikely that the mother doe would come to his aid.

Harley helped the baby get out on the shore.

And he kept fussing, worrying about it.

Dorn examined the fawn and saw no injuries. Harley didn’t want to let him go, but he had to.

And here’s what they saw from the house a few hours later.

The next morning Harley kept trying to get out, and when Dorn let him go, the dog ran off into the brush. There, as it turned out, a fawn was waiting for him. They sniffed, and the dog, relieved, returned home, and the fawn went into the woods.

Harley is not the first time to do good deeds. He has the training, he worked in a hospital for veterans, helped with psychological problems, participated in the education of children. For the dog Harley to do good things is the norm of life.


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