Girl Scouts Selling Cookies Stumble On Emaciated Dog Who Recently Gave Birth

A troop of Girl Scouts out selling cookies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wound up saving a dog’s life. As the girls walked along, they came upon a poor abandoned dog who was all alone with a bag of dog food strewn to the side, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Sadly, the dog had just given birth to puppies and had no one to help her. Thanks to the Girl Scouts, the pup’s life was about to turn around.

Abandoned, malnourished, and a new mom, if the troop had not come along the animal may have suffered further or even perished all alone. Sherri Knight, the Co-CEO of Pet Search, doesn’t understand how someone could be so heartless. She wants to know why the person who dumped the dog didn’t just approach a shelter for assistance.

The dog has been named Savannah, and humane rescue officers are investigating the case and trying to find her owner. In the meantime, if the owner is not found Savannah will definitely be placed up for adoption in a new, kind home. The Girl Scouts named the animal Savannah after the city in Georgia, which happens to be the hometown of the Girl Scouts organization.

I Love My Dog reminds our readers to get in touch with local animal control or a local rescue if you can no longer care for your pets. It is never a viable option to abandon or dump an innocent animal, as the outcome will likely be harm, abuse, death, or all three.


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