Giant Fat Bear Eats So Many Fish He Can Barely Walk at Brooks Falls

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This grizzly bear, understood only as 747, that won previous years ‘Fat Bear Week’ competitors has been detected at Brooks Falls looking larger than ever before.

It is estimated he weighs a massive 1,400 pounds and he looks like he is about to sleep through five hibernation cycles!

It comes as not a surprise to understand that he is the largest as well as most leading bear upon the river.

He has actually used his large size and also impact to make use of the very best of angling areas in the Brooks Falls area.

Below he was detected in 2018 looking big:

He has been spotted by rangers consuming over 15 fish over simply a few hours.

Here he was just recently spotted struggling to rise a hill:

Fat bears are viewed as a success tale for conservationists!

” This is a story regarding an extremely healthy ecosystem,” claimed Naomi Boak, the media ranger at Katmai National forest as well as Preserve. “It’s about salmon that have amazing enough and fresh adequate water to grow.”

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