Friendly Dog Discovered With Swollen Head & Zip Ties Bound Deep Into His Neck

Whenever someone is unable to care for their pets, I Love My Dog reminds our readers to get in touch with a local rescue or shelter. That’s the exact opposite of what someone in Hardin County, Tennessee did when they decide they no longer wanted their precious dog, a sweetheart named Sunny, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Poor Sunny was discovered with multiple zip ties bound deep into her neck in a rural area of Hardin County.

Hardin County Animal Services Director Christopher Sikes reported animal control officers came to the dog’s side, rescued him, and rushed him to a vet hospital. Poor Sunny lowered his head when his rescuers arrived, as he was in tremendous pain with deep cuts to the neck and severe swelling of the head. He had no idea if they were there to help or harm him further.

Amazingly, Sunny survived having the tightly bound zip ties removed. He is making progress each day and even felt good enough to remove the stuffing from his dog bed at the shelter. However, he has a long road ahead and authorities have no clues as to who abused the pup so badly or why. There is never a valid reason to harm an innocent animal. The case remains under investigation.

In the meantime, Sikes said, “So he’s living life now, it’s going to take a lot of recovery, and possibly some more surgeries to fix it, but the dog is great, it will make somebody a great pet.” Eventually, he will be adopted out by the right person. We wish you all the best in recovery and hope you know you will never be harmed again, Sunny.


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