Friendly Dog About To Give Birth To 9 Pups Stabbed Repeatedly & Left To Die

Big Dog Ranch Rescue received a very disturbing call recently. The Florida-based rescue took a sweet pregnant dog in who was about to give birth. Sadly, someone deliberately stabbed and cut the pregnant pup with knives or blades of some sort, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Miami Dade Animal Services called them and said the case was urgent. Named Beauty, she is a sweet pup that was abused at the hands of a monster. Cuts were found on her face, neck, leg, and stomach. The nine puppies were still in her womb, as she was going to give birth at any time.

“She was full of dirt. All her cuts were bleeding. Just exhausted, dehydrated, pretty much had just given up,” shared the founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Lauree Simmons, “They were very straight cuts and somebody definitely tried to hurt her really bad.”

Immediate medical attention was given to Beauty, including antibiotics for infection, her wounds stapled, and a bath to remove fleas and ticks. Within 24 hours, she was in recovery and able to both eat and walk.

Within a few days, Beauty delivered her litter of babies. Staff at the rescue is bottle feeding them while their mom remains under the care of their medical staff due to an infection in her many cuts. The babies will be up for adoption in about eight weeks. Applications are being taken through the Big Dog Ranch Rescue website.


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