Frantic Dog Leads Off-Duty Police Officer Deep Into The Woods For Help

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend, and a pooch from Manchester, New Jersey is proving how loyal animals are to their loved ones. When 78-year-old Fred Rapp went missing recently, his daughter, Heidi Sarno, became very concerned. She knew her dad had his vehicle, cell phone, and all information about his medical/cognitive condition. The frantic woman called Manchester Police for help, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Using GPS information from Fred’s phone along with a search patrol on foot, police also implemented a drone and the department’s Humvee to look for the missing man. Despite all of their attempts to find him, nine hours later they came up empty-handed. Finally, Fred answered a call made by Sergeant Cooke late in the day. He told Sgt. Cooke that he crashed his vehicle but had no idea where he was in the woods. All of a sudden, Fred told the Sergeant someone was with him.

Apparently, an off-duty police officer named Sergeant Charles Brooks happened to be hunting in the area at the same time Fred Rapp was lost and alone. Brooks saw a dog all by himself and assumed the animal had wandered from his owner. According to the Manchester Police Facebook page, “Sgt. Brooks followed the dog’s paw prints and nearby footwear impressions for several hundred yards, ultimately leading him to Mr. Rapp.”

Sgt. Brooks happened to be in the right place at the right time, but Fred’s faithful dog, Petie, led him to his owner. What a good boy, Petie, and thank you for showing the officer the path to get your dad home to safety!


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