Four Boys Drop Everything To Save Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cord

Sparkle has found her forever home! Thank you to her young rescuers, the Detroit Pit Crew, and Pet Tales Rescue for all your hard work, writes

It is my sincerest pleasure to introduce to you four awesome kids, Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin, and Andrew. These boys were helping a woman in their neighborhood move when they discovered something shocking: a lone brown dog, abandoned and tied to an empty nearby house with bungee cords.

With the help of some bologna slices, the little rescue crew brought the dog—whom they named Sparkle—back to their home. One of the boys even wrapped her in his jacket to keep her warm.

Though Sparkle was underweight and had some hair loss on her hind end, she was more than happy to accept their food offerings and later go outside to play.

When the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue happened to drive by and see the group, they quickly discovered what the boys had done. The rescue’s founder Theresa Sumpter tells WDIV:

”You could tell they really love this dog. They really were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.„

Sumpter and the other rescuers explained to the boys that they could help the dog, if they would let them. Sparkle would go right to the vet to get checked out before eventually being listed for adoption. The kids were quick to comply, and WDIV got each boy’s harrowing side of the story on camera.

Sumpter tells us that Sparkle will be transferred to Pet Tales Rescue in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the help of Detroit Pit Crew’s Straight Outta Detroit Project. She will then be put up for adoption. This pup is clearly affectionate and fantastic with kids—oh, and she loves bologne. We have no doubt she’ll blossom into an amazing dog and companion, all thanks to these four young heroes.


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