Foster Pup Beaten So Severely That Shelter Unable To Count All Her Broken Bones

Evangeline is a sweet little puppy who seemed to be in good hands with a foster family who loved and adored her. Unfortunately, somehow the tiny pup went missing from her home in Layton, Utah. After a massive search and many months later, she was found and is currently undergoing medical treatment, writes ilovemydogsomuch

No one knows who had Evangeline or what happened, but her rescuers lost count of the number of broken bones she has.

The Humane Society of Northern Utah provided a harrowing update of the pup’s situation recently. They wrote, “We rushed her to the ER and her condition has shocked everyone involved. She has a fractured skull and neurological damage including blindness and concussions with a hematoma. Both sides of her jaw broken. Too many fractures on her ribs to count and bruised lungs. Both legs severely broken. Every open wound is infected because she couldn’t use the bathroom other than on herself.”

Although Evangeline. has a lot to overcome, she is presently responding to treatment, which is a very good sign. The poor girl needs time to heal a bit before specialists can attempt repairing any of her broken bones. Not long after the Humane Society posted Evangeline’s update, the individual who allegedly beat her was located and charged. As of this writing, an investigation is open but they cannot share any further details.

According to the Daily Mail, the dog has some vision and is able to stand up and move a bit on her own. We wish this precious girl all our best in recovery and hope the monster who did this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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