Former Unwanted Shelter Dog Flags Down Cop To Save His Owner

Officer Jeff Gonzalez was on duty and doing his regular patrol in Germantown, Wisconsin when he noticed a black Labrador acting strangely. He slowed down his car when he got closer and rolled down his windows to check on the dog, writes barkpuppy.

The kind cop called out to the black dog who then approached him. But when the policeman got out of his vehicle, the strange pup suddenly ran away.

Officer Gonzales noticed that the dog had a collar and a tag so it’s likely somebody owned him. He was probably on his way back home.

The officer didn’t know it, but he was on his way to saving someone’s life.

Good Boy

The dog’s name was John Boy. He was a former shelter dog that was adopted three times and returned three times as well. Nobody knew why they kept bringing him back. He was an active and playful pup that was also gentle and loving. Thankfully, a kind lady saw the beautiful spirit of this dog and gave him a permanent home.

What that woman didn’t realize is that by giving John Boy a chance for a good life, she was saving her own.


It wasn’t long after following the dog that Officer Gonzales saw an unconscious woman sitting on a porch. This is the house where John Boy led him.

There was something off about the way the woman was sitting. The cop checked on the lady and he realized that he was in danger. Her lips were already blue from the freezing cold and she had a very weak pulse.

Officer Gonzales immediately called for emergency services.


The freezing lady was rushed to a nearby hospital in the nick of time. The doctors were able to revive her and soon get her stabilized. Once she was fully awake, she learned the story of how she was rescued.

She thanked Officer Gonzales profusely for saving her life. But the kind cop said that credit should be given to the dog. If it weren’t for him, he would have never discovered the passed-out woman.


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