Forgotten Horse Spent His Life In Muddy Pen Where He Slowly Starved For 19 Years

Dakota the horse spent 19 years of his life in a tiny, mid-filled pen, where he was starved and 400 pounds underweight, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In addition to not receiving food, he also lacked basic care and his teeth and hooves were severely neglected and overgrown.

Thankfully, his owner finally surrendered him to PETA workers, who transported him to a care facility, where he got urgent medical care that he’s so desperately needed for so long. It was then that Dakota finally got his first taste of fresh grass in 19 years.

Today, Dakota has a big, clean space to run around and play in. He no longer has to worry about being confined to a filthy, small pen with no food or water. After receiving proper care, he has also gained more than 300 pounds.

On top of being nursed back to health, Dakota has also been adopted by a loving family just in time for the holidays! Dakota and his new little human, Bri, are absolutely inseparable and have already formed a very special bond.

Dakota is now experiencing things he’s never had the pleasure of knowing before. He recently had his first-ever carrot, and now he loves them!

Watch Dakota’s rescue and new life in the video below:


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