Forgotten Dog Became A Prisoner Of His Own Fur, Screamed Loudly When Touched

When Dom was finally found by rescuers, after being ignored for years on the street, he could hardly move from his matted fur. It had grown around his legs causing significant pain, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He’d lay on the concrete and cry hoping someone would notice him. People just passed him by and didn’t care to help. They had better things to do.

A rescuer saw him curled up in a corner near a fence. She wondered just how long this poor dog had been this way… hungry, scared, and emotionally broken. He was a prisoner of his own fur. All the tangled, matted layers made moving about nearly impossible. But now Dom was going to be okay. The rescuer put Dom into her car and took him straight to the vet clinic.

A vet technician put Dom onto the grooming table. He had to be careful not to scare the already traumatized dog. It was time to get rid of all that fur! Dom was such a good boy. His new look is quite different but he will get used to it, especially as his fur grows back in a bit. Dom especially liked all the affection he received from his new human friends.

The vet said that Dom was healthy! He just needed to put on weight. They put Dom on a strict feeding schedule of frequent small meals. He was so happy to eat without having to scavenge for scraps. The rescue group has reached out to several fosters and one woman was eager to bring him home. She will work with Dom to stabilize his weight. Once Dom is medically cleared, he will go to a forever home. Thankfully, there are already willing adopters!

We are so pleased with this happy ending. No animal should be forced to live this way. Please, if you see something, say something. There are many local rescue groups eager to help. Let’s send Dom and his human friends our well wishes!


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