Firefighters Restore Faith In Humanity & Help Grieving Woman Say Goodbye To Dog

Brittany D’Antoni was having a very rough day, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The Bay St. Louis, Mississippi woman had just tested positive for COVID-19 and was on her way to the doctor’s office when her sister called crying and panicked. As Brittany was driving to the doctor, her sister was hysterical on the phone and told her the house was on fire. She kept asking Brittany if she and her dogs were in the house.

Though Brittany was safe, she became very concerned for her two dogs who were home alone in the inferno. The ride back to her house was harrowing, as Brittany tried her best to maintain focus while hurrying home. As soon as she arrived at the residence, she saw flashing lights, an ambulance, and emergency crews working on her home. She immediately noticed one of her dogs, Lillith, receiving oxygen. Her other dog, a one-year-old deaf Australian Shepherd did not make it out.

“Just seeing one of them and asking my sister where (Leia) was and finding out the smoke had gotten to her was just one of the hardest things to hear,” stated Brittany. “But Lilith was so excited to see me. I’ve never heard her cry before and she cried as soon as she saw me. I saw her giving all the love to the ladies in the ambulance.”

Brittany rushed her dog to a vet per the instructions of the emergency crew and returned to the remnants of her home days later. Members of the Bay St. Louis Fire Department went above and beyond to help Brittany put her dog, Leia, to rest. They helped with her burial and enabled Brittany to give the dog a proper goodbye.

“You get to understand exactly where they were with their pets, and we’re sad for that but we are glad we were able to get in and at least save one dog and extinguish the fire,” said Deputy Fire Chief Ronald Avery.

We extend our deepest condolences to Brittany on her loss and thank the firefighters for everything they did.


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