Firefighters Arrive Just In Time For Exhausted Deer Couple

For over 3 miles downstream in a canal, two wild deer were desperately struggling for their lives, writes pintiks

No one knows exactly how the doe and the buck ended up in the canal earlier this week in Sacramento, California. It’s believed that the couple may have been quarreling and fallen down the steep cement sides of the canal, which made it impossible to scale out by themselves.

As soon as the couple was witnessed flailing at the surface, it was clear that they needed help — fast.

Thankfully, a team of firefighters arrived and rafted over to the animals.

“When we first came upon the doe she was very, very, very tired,” Holly Wagner, one of the firefighters, told CBS Sacramento 13, “and almost swam in our direction, almost asking for help.”

Luckily, Janice Odestig, another firefighter on the team, happened to have a lasso in her trunk, and knew how to use it since her father had been a rancher.

The team managed to get ahold of both of the deer and pull them out of the water. Aside from some scrapes, both animals appeared healthy as they bounded off into the woods, back toward Lake Natoma, where they were likely from.

“We don’t know if they’ve spoken to each other since they fell in,” Chris Vestal, spokesman for the fire department, told CBS, “but we hope the doe and the buck are on speaking terms later today.”


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