“Fat” Dog Felt Like A Burden, Hung His Head In Shame & Hid Away From The World

For Tony the obese German Shepherd, his life on the streets was one of utter shame and disgrace, writes ilovemydogsomuch

At 150 lbs, Tony just wanted to hide away from the world. Even when a shelter picked him up, they realized that poor Tony was living a burdensome life due to his uncoordinated movements, weakened bones, and his stunted ability to move.

When Lee brought Tony home to his “bunch of furry misfits”, the overweight dog felt shy and out of place in the company of such loved and pampered dogs. But Tony’s new dad and his doggie siblings worked consistently to make him feel accepted and adored just the way he was. Little by little, Tony opened up and Lee put him on an exercise regime and diet plan.

This video documents Tony’s weight-loss journey from 150 lbs to 99 lbs, and it’s one of the most heartwarming things we’ve ever seen. Today, Tony is a fit dog who doesn’t feel the need to hide anymore. He’s a true fighter and an inspiration to anyone who is working hard to get out of a rough patch!

Click the video below to watch how Tony’s incredible journey from being obese to getting fit!


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