Farmer Weeps As He Begs His Horse Not To Die, But She Rolls Her Eyes Backwards

Farmer Marek Słodkowski was frightened to his bones when he walked into his barn one morning, writes ilovemydogsomuch

His sweet horse, Freedom, had accidentally fallen into a deep maintenance hatch hours ago, and was struggling to stay alive.

Marek saw that Freedom was visibly exhausted and at the end of her rope, so he rushed outside and loaded up hay stacks in a cart. He then stuffed the hay in the pit all the way up to the brim, hoping that this would give Freedom enough ground to climb up. But the plan didn’t work and the physically drained horse began rolling her eyes back as she collapsed.

Freedom was an important part of Marek’s family and he wasn’t going to give up on her so easily. He made a desperate call to the local fire department, and then tasked himself with keeping Freedom conscious till help arrived. He petted her and engaged her, while literally pleading “Don’t Sleep” and “Don’t Die” as he begged her to hold on for a while longer.

When the firefighters finally arrived, they immediately expressed concerns whether they could lift Freedom up when she was so lethargic and unresponsive. But Marek had pledged to save his buddy’s life, and there was no way he was going to let her perish in the pit.

In a final attempt to rescue her, Marek expressed his faith in Freedom and coaxed her to find the strength to rise up. And voilà, she actually got up like a miracle! This helped the firefighters to get the leverage to finally hoist her up! The end of this video had us in tears, but Freedom’s freedom ride is definitely one of the most spectacular things we’ve seen in some time!

Click the video below to watch the farmer’s tireless rescue endeavors and Freedom’s ultimate freedom ride.


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