Farmer Rescues Duck From Drowning In Freezing Water

Not being able to keep our pets safe is something that every pet owner worries about, writes pintiks

Pets become like your children. There is almost nothing you wouldn’t do for them. There are people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on surgeries and procedures for their animals to keep them alive. Luckily for this duck owner, he didn’t have to go to those lengths. He did find himself seriously worried about one of his animals however. This is pretty incredible.

The YouTube user looked out his window one morning and saw something extremely alarming.

One of his ducks was sitting in water in the middle of winter! He thought for sure the duck, whose name is Ms. Gimp, was dead.

He quickly grabbed her out of the water and realized she was alive, but barely. He took her into the garage and filled up a bucket with room temperature water.

He placed Ms. Gimp in the water and slowly started splashing it over her. She was in extremely bad shape.

He slowly worked the temperature up to around 110 degrees.

He had to get Ms. Gimp out of the shivering phase, so he kept her whole body submerged in the water.

Ms. Gimp slowly started to come out of her lethargy. She started moving and supporting her own head which was a great sign.

Ms. Gimp was finally out of immediate danger. So her owner decided to set up a kennel for her with some straw at the bottom to help keep her warm. He also set up a small heater to help her dry off her feathers.

Ms. Gimp was molting pretty bad, so she was bleeding underneath her wings. Thankfully she was able to make a full recovery!

I thought this duck was a goner for sure. This poor gal looked to be in seriously rough shape. This man sounds Canadian, and it appears to be winter. So you can imagine how cold it probably is there. That water must have been absolutely freezing, it really is amazing that he was able to bring this duck back from the brink of death.


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