Family Travels 1500 Miles To Adopt A Newborn Pup Abandoned On The Cold Streets Of Romania

When rescuers found Joy the puppy shivering on a chilly Romanian sidewalk his chances of survival were slim, writes

He was only a few days old, his eyes and ears still blind and deaf to the world around him. His little pink mouth was weeks away from sprouting his first tooth.

If not for the tender, nurturing care he received from the kind volunteers at Howl Of A Dog Rescue, the ending to Joy’s story would have been anything but joyful.

Luckily Joy was rescued by HOADR, and with 24/7 care he grew stronger day by day. When he was still just a teeny-tiny pupper of 4 months, Howl Of A Dog Rescue received word that a family in the Netherlands wanted to adopt Joy.

Even though it was a 1200 mile drive each way and less than two weeks before Christmas, Joy’s new folks couldn’t wait to get their hands on the little fluffernutter!

Rescuers decided to meet them halfway in beautiful Vienna, Austria. Joy’s pawrents happily made the round trip voyage of more than 1500 miles – all to adopt a tiny orphaned pooch the world nearly forgot.

His mom and dad are thankful for each day with Joy, and eternally grateful to the compassionate folks at Howl Of A Dog Rescue. The little miracle pup has grown into a strong, handsome, energetic, and most of all – loved companion.

That’s what every dog deserves, after all.


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