Family Packs Up & Moves Away, Leaving Behind Trash & Their Friendly Dog

When the kind folks at Hope for Paws heard about an abandoned dog and the circumstances leading up to her situation, they knew they had to get involved. A sweet little dog was left behind when her owners moved, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Like a piece of trash they no longer wanted, they simply hauled their belongings, pulled away, and didn’t care what happened to their pet.

As Hope for Paws workers arrived on the scene, they immediately saw the dog and closed the gate so she could not escape. After all, they were there to help her. “It’s okay,” they told her as the scared pooch ran away. She had no idea the people wanted to save her life and weren’t going to abandon her as her former owners did.

Finally, a woman from Hope for Paws slid a leash over the scared little girl and wrapped her in her arms. The dog stared adoringly at her as if she knew help had arrived. “Nobody is going to hurt you ever again. It’s going to be okay,” a rescuer whispered to the dog and gave her some food to eat. As the couple walked the dog to their vehicle, a sense of trust seemed to come over her.

She had such a good personality that she soon found a new home with a family who won’t abandon her. She loves to play, carry toys around, bark, and wag her tail. She is playful, fun, and out of harm’s way. We wish for every dog to have a life like this tiny pup.

Special thanks to Hope for Paws. Watch this beautiful tail unfold in the video below.


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