Family Gave Her Away For Free To Monsters Who Used Her As Bait In Fighting Ring

At just six months old, Trixie had already seen so many horrors that no dog should ever have to experience, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When her owners didn’t want her anymore, they posted her on Facebook, saying she was “free to a good home.”

She was quickly adopted, and her new owners blocked Trixie’s old owners so that they couldn’t check up on her. The following two weeks would be the worst of Trixie’s life. Her “good home” wound up being an awful place, where she was used as a bait dog in a dog-fighting ring.

After those two weeks, Trixie ended up at the local pound with horrible facial injuries. Her face was extremely swollen and covered in bite marks.

As soon as Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc. heard about Trixie, they drove six hours to Brisbane to pick her up from the pound.

They treated her injuries and swelling, which eventually had gone down, but the scars on her face remained. Once she was fully recovered, she found a loving forever home, where she will never be used as bait ever again.

“Please remember if you have absolutely no choice and need to rehome your pet.. consider asking family or friends for help, or go through a rescue group or shelter.. you never can be sure who you are giving your precious pet to otherwise!” Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc. wrote on Facebook.

Her original owners never intended for this to happen to Trixie, but posting a pet for free on social media can be very dangerous. These “free” dogs often end up in dog-fighting rings just like Trixie was.

Thankfully she has gotten a second chance at life and never has to worry about being harmed again.


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