Family Didn’t Want Anything To Do With Their Puppy After House Fire And Dump Him

Firefighter Bill Lindler was responding to a house fire call when he heard the terrified screams coming from a burning shed, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Bill was horrified as he discovered a scorched 3-week-old Pit Bull puppy, Jake, engulfed in the flames and barely clinging on to life.

Warning: Graphic Content!

Bill rescued the puppy and handed him over to his family. The emergency care unit revealed that Jake had suffered 50 to 75 percent burns all over his body. Not only would his treatment be expensive, but his recovery would be another challenge altogether. However, Jake’s family was not up for this and they coldly abandoned Jake at the hospital.

When Bill heard about the sad fate of the puppy he rescued, he volunteered to adopt Jake. He and his family went out of their way to make sure the puppy made a recovery. Despite his traumatic burns, Jake had a very calming presence. Bill initially thought the puppy could be a therapy dog for burn victims, but an unforeseen development changed his mind.

Bill used to take Jake to the fire department every day to make sure he gets his antibiotics throughout the day. That’s when Bill noticed the soothing effect the scarred puppy had on other members of his team. He realized that it was Jake’s destiny to be a firefighter!

Jake has now been sworn in as an honorary firefighter, and he is also training to be an arson detection dog. He often accompanies the firefighters on school tips to educate young kids about the importance of fire safety. Jake is an inspiring fighter and survivor, and we thank Bill for helping this cute Pittie find his true calling!

Click the video below to watch Jake’s remarkable journey after being abandoned as a dying dog.


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