Family Abandoned Dog After She Lost Her Leg In A Car Accident

Willow is a dog that underwent a dramatic life event when she got hit by a car, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

She was brought into Sidewalk Specials from De Doorns for treatment, and while the vets did everything within their power to try and salvage her leg, they ultimately were unsuccessful.

Poor Willow had to face the harrowing prospect of having her leg amputated.

But what was worse for Willow, was the fact that when her family found out that they were not able to save her leg, they chose to give her up.

Willow was not only facing a life on three limbs, but she’d also been abandoned by the people who were supposed to love her.

The poor pooch was devastated, but luckily for her, she was taken in by a loving foster family.

The adorable six-month-old has been settling in nicely, and it is very evident that she will make an amazing addition to any family as she gets on wonderfully with other dogs, kids, and even cats!


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