Everyone Said They Were Too Busy To Help The Horse, Until One Woman Spotted Him

Mikko the Mustang was terrified when he was first captured and packed away in a holding area for wild horses. He was later adopted by a ranch, but that hardly eased his fears, writes ilovemydogsomuch

For days, he shuddered quietly and didn’t let anyone touch him – until he met a woman named Emma.

Mikko was mystified by Emma’s calming presence and gentle ways around him. Emma began visiting him every week to keep him company and help him come out of his shell. This worked to a great degree as Mikko trusted Emma with his life and was always relaxed and playful around her, although he was still skittish with everyone else.

One day, Emma was horrified to find Mikko gone from the ranch. The owner claimed that Mikko was sold off because he was “too much work”. Emma was heartbroken and the thought of Mikko being lonely and scared somewhere tortured her.

Two years later, Emma happened to find an online ad listing about a familiar-looking horse for sale. The horse was pale and haggard with disheveled hair, but his signature neck branding made her realize that he was her old pal Mikko!

Emma drove for 12 hours to get Mikko, for she knew he belonged with her. While Mikko was a sickly shadow of his former healthy self, he recognized Emma the moment he spotted her! The tormented beast whimpered with relief as he hugged his precious human and rested his head on her!

This video also follows Mikko’s journey post his reunion with Emma. After his draining past, Mikko blossoms like a flower in his stable nurturing abode. With the inconsistencies gone, he even finds the drive to embrace other animals and humans who show him love! What a transformation!


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