Employees Of The Shelter Discover A Stray Dog At A Gas Station Before Realizing His Peril

In Houston, Texas, a dog by the name of Napoleon frequently walked the streets close to a gas station parking lot. The 3-year-old pit bull mix has no home of his own and subsisted on leftovers from Good Samaritans, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Shelter rescuers knew they had to step in when they received the report about this starving and dejected puppy.

Rescuers found Napoleon, took him to an emergency veterinary hospital and discovered that he had a diaphragmatic hernia, which meant that his internal organs had shifted into his chest. He needed surgery right away if he wanted to have any chance of surviving.

The hospital couldn’t be confident Napoleon would recover because his health concerns were more serious than anticipated at the time of his five-hour surgery.

They suggested that it might have been something that developed gradually over time, This Is Houston cofounder Laura Forma told The Dodo. It was one of the worst examples of a diaphragmatic hernia they had ever seen, according to one of the doctors.

Doctors were also concerned Napoleon had been unconscious for too long as dawn approached. Nevertheless, they persisted, and Napoleon succeeded admirably.

Forma reported that “He healed fine.” “Throughout the entire ordeal, he remained positive. a genuine miracle

This has Houston placed Napoleon up for adoption while he recovered in a foster home.

Napoleon did meet a family who fell in love with him, but Forma noted that during their meet and greet, it was clear that Napoleon was very bonded to his foster mother. So they made the decision to stop.

Napoleon waited for a further 315 days before someone expressed interest, giving him a total of 328 days to be rescued.

Then, everything was different. Tina Kempken, Napoleon’s new mother, said to The Dodo, “We have been following his tale from the beginning.” If he is still alive when we move into a house with a yard in a few months, I recall thinking, “We have to get him.”

When we visited his foster mother’s home, Kempken continued, “we fell in love with his adorable face right away.” Since bringing him home, we have discovered that he enjoys cuddling and romping in the backyard. He neglects that he weighs almost 90 pounds.

He took a few weeks, but he’s finally starting to come out of his shell. The adorable pooch-like plush toys immediately became friends with Snoopy, Kempken’s other dog. The fact that he hasn’t forgotten everything he’s been through is something Kempken is constantly reminded of.

Since it took so long for his happily ever after, Kempken remarked, “We know wonderful things take time and we are delighted that everything happened the way it did.” Napoleon through a terrifying ordeal, but you would never know it. We are so excited to spoil him for the rest of his days, take him on adventures, and basically live happily ever after.


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