Emaciated Horse Forced To Live In Filth Forms Special Bond With His Savior

Mickey was one of more than 150 neglected horses rescued from a property in Camp County, Texas, writes lovemydogsomuch

They were living outside in a pen filled with dirt and feces, and had no food or water in their bowls. They were so dehydrated and emaciated, that their hip bones, spine, and all of their ribs were showing.

Thankfully they were rescued by The Humane Society of the United States and transported to a temporary shelter to receive care and start their second chance at life.

After his rescue, Mickey really bonded with Morgan Rivera of the HSUS animal rescue team. Despite all of the abuse he endured in his life, he was still very friendly and craved attention and affection.

Staff took great care of the rescued horses and made sure they felt comfortable in their new accommodations. They’ve had a really rough life, but from here on out, they will only feel love and appreciation from humans.

Mickey proves just how gentle horses can be, and how capable they are of forming bonds with humans, just like dogs or any other animal.

Watch Mickey and Morgan’s beautiful bond in the video below:


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