Emaciated and Scared Puppy Survives Against All Odds

Sometimes pet owners choose to surrender their animals to give them the best chance at life, and that’s what happened to a tiny puppy named Mole, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

Mole, from De Doorns in South Africa, had been suffering from dehydration, parasites, and Ehrlichia, a disease transmitted from ticks.

After Mole stopped eating, his owner didn’t know what to do to help him, so he called Sidewalk Specials to step in.

The rescue organization took the small puppy and immediately got it in for medical treatment. After he was medically evaluated, it was determined he was just days from death.

Mole was put on an intensive medical treatment plan and secured in a safe foster home that could handle his medical needs. The little pup started to put on weight, catch up on sleep, and even learned to play.

He was making great progress, but then the Ehrlichia caught up and Mole became extremely ill. According to VCA Hospitals, infected dogs may experience a fever, respiratory distress, bleeding disorders, weight loss, or neurological disturbances.

Thankfully, Mole was able to pull through thanks to the prompt treatment he received. After he recovered, he found a loving forever home with a boy to call his own!

Sidewalk Specials shared a video of Mole’s transformation, saying, “Rescued from De Doorns with dehydration, Ehrlichia and with such a high parasite count she was days from death…well just look at her now!!” Watch the video below:


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