Elephant saves its cub, surrounded by a pack of hungry lionesses, almost late

Okay, I’m not supporting ruthlessness against lions, but when it comes down to protecting baby elephants with some great karma then my loyalties are kinda split.

It’s the animal kingdom. Anything goes, baby!

A group of lions who believed they were in for a simple lunch resembled being flattened when they were billed by a furious mom elephant when she discovered them attempting to make a meal of her child.

A collection of photos fired in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe by photographer Kevin Dooley catches the moment an interested baby elephant almost satisfied his maker when hu.nt. ed down by a team of hungry lionesses.

Regardless of efforts from his older bros to scare the lions away, it nearly appears like the little elephant’s time is up.

Yet after that the momma elephant comes charging with the bush, making a beeline for the lions who have actually pinned her baby to the ground, sending them scuttling right into the range.

The elephants rejoin where the little one most likely got scolded in elephant talk for not listening as well as wandering off away from the pack or something.

”You never listen to a bloody word I say, do you?” And afterwards what occurs, you get knocked down by a number of lions, that’s what occurs,’ I envision the elephant mum would possibly say.

Behind-the-scenes a warthog as well as a meerkat are having some kind of interspecies conversation about the state of points, potentially burglarizing track eventually to comfort a small lion whose just wish was to have a bit of elephant for dinner.

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