Elephant joined with a tour guide in the pool at South African safari lodge

When this elephant was shot drinking from an exterior swimming pool, he didn’t neglect to bring his trunks– to the pleasure of swimmers.

A tour guide at Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Rental Property in South Africa shot his amusing experience with the enormous creature while taking a dip.

Ivan was swimming in the pool when he took video footage of him pitching in the water with a big beast standing behind him, its trunk hanging in the swimming pool.
One more video clip records a visitor at the resort wading in the exact same swimming pool while an elephant was taking a sip.

The monster blows air into the pool utilizing its trunk to produce plumes of spray flying behind Ivan.

”Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa has just been named the best safari destination in the world, and you can see why„ stated Ivo.”‘I work with the elephants and must be very knowledgeable about their behavior to keep Mhondoro visitors safe on hikes” he wrapped up.

This elephant, that remains in his thirties, is a routine visitor and has actually been recognized to consume from the swimming pool.

Every min of recording this was terrific.

„Being able to look a large animal in the eye is incredible,” claimed Ivan. “Not to mention while taking a refreshing dip at the same time”.

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