Elderly Hairless Dog Found Abandoned On Dirt Road Asking For Help

Traveling around the world can lead you to encounter some interesting things. Sometimes, you find unexpected things out of nowhere, writes thepetneeds

While Danielle Finley and her boyfriend were driving, one afternoon, in rural Pennsylvania on a dirt street, they spotted something frightened them.

They carefully stopped the car to see what that was. And then they were completely shocked by what they saw.

It was like a hyena, Danielle said, but after all they were not in African Serengeti, but just in Pennsylvania.

The mysterious creature was a tiny Cairn terrier! When he saw them, he directly rushed toward them and started jumping for joy. The dog looked as he had not eaten for days, and unfortunately, he was missing tufts to fur.

Firstly, they were hesitant to touch Phil, the dog, as it was obvious that he had skin condition. And they did not want to spread anything to themselves or the 2 dogs that they had in the vehicle with them.

But, as animal lovers, they took a risk and took Phil with them in their car. They also gave him water and food, and then took him to the nearest vet.

The couple thought that the dog was riddled with mange, but the vet said that it was simply a severe condition which had the dog’s body to develop rashes and his hair to fall out.

There were no reports about missing dog, but it was obvious that Phil was not a stray. In other words, he belonged to someone.

The vet assumed depending on his teeth that he was kept in a cage the most of his life. It was a miserable fact, as many areas are known for having some of the worst puppy mills in rural Pennsylvania.

Danielle and her boyfriend decided to adopt Phil, and they started a special with him, look at him, he already looked happier and healthier.

Thankfully, their 2 dogs were also so happy to see Phil, and they all now play together every day.

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