Elderly Dog Spent Whole Life As A Stray Until This Moment

DAR Rescue came to the rescue of an elderly dog who had lived her entire life as a stray. The dog had been hit by a car and was unable to walk and a kind man reached out to the rescuers to tell them of the old dog’s plight, wriets dogheirs

When Ermioni of DAR Rescue arrived, the Good Samaritan told her the dog was around 13 to 14 years old. She had survived many different injuries. She was abandoned as a puppy and lived her whole life as a stray at Plastira Lake, a picturesque part of Greece where tourists would feed her.

Sadly, when Ermioni arrived, the dog didn’t want to move as both her rear legs were injured.

But Ermioni manages to put the dog in a crate and drive her to the veterinarian. An examination revealed the dog had old broken bones that were never tended to, but healed on their own. Her first days at the clinic, she refused to eat and couldn’t walk.

But a few days later she would eat when no one was looking and she was finally able to stand up on her own. She even befriended a kitten.

The sweet senior dog spent almost a month at the clinic, but she was finally ready to go to DAR’s shelter where she gets a warm bed and won’t have to struggle to find food and shelter ever again.

To support Ermioni and DAR Rescue fist them on Patreon or Facebook.

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