Egyptian Vulture Hatches In Captivity, First time in 105 Years

An Egyptian vulture chick has actually hatched at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This is a very first time for the Park in 105 years. Consequently, this makes it a minute worth commemorating. The Egyptian marauder is a jeopardized bird. This is likewise the initial hatch-ling in captivity in North America. Jamila is the name of the vulture chick.

Presently, the child marauder is a couple of months old. She stays in an isolated location in the park. Therefore, she is far from all the various other animals. This might be best for the bird’s security. Likewise, the zoo needs to take fantastic care of the bird. This is especially due to the fact that this is their first Egyptian marauder.

The hatch-ling’s daddy is appealing. He is mainly covered in white feathers with a white plumage around his head. He is 23 years old as well as takes pleasure in resting on his perch. This allows him to scan the entire location. The perch functions as a good viewpoint. The chick’s mother is likewise mainly white. However, her plumage is close to her head. KBPS reports these realities.

Sissy Rivas states the vulture household is highly intelligent. She claims they are the only device making use of vultures. She clarifies the marauders use rocks to break ostrich eggs. Furthermore, they additionally use many parts of the carcass which other birds do not utilize. Daisy Rivas is a wildlife expert at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. In addition, she supervises of the aviary.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Conservationists Raise Rare Egyptian Vulture
New National Effort to Save Endangered Species Begins at the
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
SAN DIEGO (Sept. 23, 2021) – After more than four decades of successfully breeding, rearing and introducing California condors and other vultures back into their native habitats, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is ushering in a new era of vulture conservation. Wildlife care specialists at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have begun hatching and raising the Western Egyptian vulture, a species native to southern Europe, Asia and northern Africa. Listed as Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, very few of these rare birds live in the United States—and this novel breeding program represents new hope for increasing the conservation population of the species in North America.
“This is an endangered species with a rapidly declining population trend, as is the plight of many vulture species,” said Lisa Peterson, executive director of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “Increasing the number of individual birds and maintaining genetic diversity in North America is an extremely important part of our work. As Egyptian vulture numbers continue to decline in their native habitat, the genetic line of every individual becomes increasingly more important to the continuation of this species.”
A chick named Jamila was successfully hatched earlier this year, and she is the offspring of the only Western Egyptian vulture breeding pair in North America. She is also the first hatchling of the species in San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s 105-year-history. To ensure Jamila’s survival after hatching, wildlife care specialists used 40 years of experience conserving threatened vultures by puppet rearing her—a practice where they passed food to Jamila from the beak of a lifelike hand puppet resembling an adult vulture. This care process is particularly

The Egyptian marauder is a historic bird. Therefore, it has actually coped with mankind because its beginning. The bird is the topic of several tales. Additionally, it is thought about spiritual in numerous cultures also. Nature Preservation Egypt mentions this. The bird also works as the inspiration for the letter ‘A’ in old Egyptian language. This is none besides hieroglyph. Therefore, the bird’s place in long-term in background. They are a symbol of aristocracy in old Egypt. ‘Pharaoh’s hen’ is one more name for the marauder. This is to be expected, provided the marauder’s high standing!

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