Dying Without Food She Tried To Free Herself, Chain Lodged Further Into Her Mouth

A woman was just down the street when she heard a dog crying. She ran, trying to track down where the crying was coming from. She finally found the source. A dog that was treated like a filthy animal was chained up outside for god knows how long, writes ilovemydogsomuch


The poor dog was underweight and desperate. She was left on that chain without food and water. The pup knew she had no choice. She had to chew off the chain and go look for food. The smart dog understood if she didn’t find food ASAP, she would not live much longer. But while she chewed at the metal chain, it became lodged in her mouth– and it was causing serious pain.

As the woman cried loudly for the dog, desperate to help her, others gathered around. People went into their homes looking for tools that could help. From plyers to screwdrivers, the onlookers didn’t hold back. Where they live, you don’t simply call a vet and one shows up. They had to free her themselves and then take the long ride to the closest animal clinic.

It felt like hours. The dog cried, and pawed at the instruments, as people took turns trying to pry the chain out of her mouth. But the pup began to understand what they were trying to do and finally laid there as still as possible, without pain medication or sedation. Amazingly, they were finally able to free the chain from her mouth.

The dog was understandably shaken. She was loaded into the woman’s car so she could finally get the medical care she needed. She arrived at the clinic with an adjoining shelter. The whole ordeal, plus her abusive life before her freedom, traumatized the poor girl. She has reoccurring nightmares that haunt her daily. But each day, she is getting better.

With behavioral therapy and time around kind humans, this dog will continue to make progress. Her mouth is healing and she now knows what it’s like to interact with people who want to love and care for her. We are so happy she is free and on her way to a better life. The local rescue has already lined up several foster homes!


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