Dumped Puppy Was Terrified Of Humans, But One Kind Woman Made Her Wag Her Tail

A woman named Vanessa was feeding some stray dogs in Sri Lanka when the sight of a dumped sickly puppy caught her attention, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The wee puppy had severely diseased skin and was terrified of humans. But when Vanessa offered her some kind words, the puppy surrendered to her love and couldn’t stop wagging her tail!

As Vanessa inspected the puppy’s degrading health, she realized the poor baby was suffering from painful mange and wouldn’t survive long on the harsh streets. She knew the puppy trusted her, so she cautiously wrapped her up in a blanket and took her to a local rescued called “UnderdogSrilanka”. She named the puppy Sally and vowed to help her beat the disease.

While puppies like Sally are usually put down in developing countries, Vanessa took it upon herself to heal her. She gave medicated baths and massages to Sally, which curbed her pain and made her comfortable to a great extent. Once Sally felt better, another rescuer named Betta came forward to foster her.

Betta and Sally had the most invigorating bonding sessions during their time together. As Sally recovered, she blossomed into a confident pup and literally became a velcro dog to Betta. She would follow Betta everywhere and refuse to leave her side even for a second!

Betta already had 9 dogs, so adopting Sally seemed like a far-fetched idea to her. But she eventually gave in and embraced her role as the doting forever mom to the gorgeous pooch! Looks like Sally was destined to have her own fairytale happy ending!

Click the video below to watch Sally’s heartwarming transformation after being rescued from the streets!


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