Dumped Dog Tied To Tree With Note Finds Loving Home & Gets Job Saving Lives

Roadie has come a long way from when she was abandoned and tied to a tree in Indiana, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Roadie had a plastic bottle attached to her collar with a note from her owner explaining that she needed a good home with lots of love. Her owner said he lost his house and job due to COVID-19, and had no choice but to give her up.

Roadie did in fact find a loving home and has also since been given a very special job!

White River Township Fire Chief Jeremy Pell first saw her, he was caught off-guard by her soulful eyes.

He had been looking for a new Search and Rescue K9 for his department, and knew that the two-year-old Shepherd mix would be perfect for the job.

Chief Pell decided to adopt her from the Johnson County Animal Shelter, and renamed her “Rosie.”

Rosie has now been give a second chance at life and a job that helps people.

She’s currently being trained as a Search and Rescue dog for White River Township Fire, as well as the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

Chief Pell says that Rosie is extremely smart and has a personality that is a great fit for a Search and Rescue dog.

She isn’t hyper nor is she calm, and the perfect balance like what Rosie has is exactly what a SAR dog needs.

When Rosie is done training for the day, she goes home with Chief Pell, where she is loved and spoiled.


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