Driver Pulls Over When He Sees Dog With Taped Muzzle And Legs

Understanding people who abandon their dogs is something impossible! There is no reason in this life lets you do that! You can take them to shelters to instead of just leaving them in streets, writes thepetneeds

Unfortunately, what Carl Alan saw was a cruel case of abandonment! He saw a German Shepherd on the road with tape around her legs and muzzle preventing her from barking or moving! So, he approached her for help.

When the 8-month-old dog saw the approaching, she started urinating on herself as she was so scared! Thankfully, when another passerby saw that, he decided to stop for help. The Good Samaritans tried letting the poor dog know that they wanted to help her by comforting her.

The dog was taken by Denver Animal Protection for evaluation. She will stay there until h is completely recovered. After becoming good, they will try to find a forever home for her.

Watch the video below.

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