Dogs Panic And Attempt To “Save” Owner Who Swung On Rope Swing Into The Lake

Dogs are often called man’s best friend, a title that is well-deserved. It is often our dogs who display a sense of protection and concern for us whenever they perceive us to be in danger, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

It’s a sweet trait that we often see exemplified in social media videos where dog owners trick their pooches into thinking there is something wrong as a means of testing their loyalty.

More often than not, these dogs will rise to the occasion and show just how much they care.

But sometimes these videos aren’t always a dog owner specifically setting up a scenario to test their dogs’ loyalty. Some videos are just “happy accidents” or dogs reacting to a scenario.

For example, John Dunaway had no idea that when he installed and then tested out a rope swing that he’d be causing his pet pooches to go into protection mode.

But when Dunaway was swinging out into the lake, his dogs went into a frenzy as they tried to save his life. It was quite sweet to watch.

In the video, you see the two dogs going into a panic as they watch Dunaway fall into the water. After frantically running around for a bit, his black dog Buster ended up leaping into the water in an attempt to rescue Dunaway from drowning.

John explained, “They both hurried out to rescue me and poor Buster cried the whole way. I think he’s a little overly protective!”

Watch the video below:

What do you think? Has your dog ever displayed a protectiveness towards you? Let us know!


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