Dog’s Microchip Surgically Removed Before Dumping So Owner Wouldn’t Be Traced

A tiny dog named Combo had a hard time believing he had been abandoned by his beloved owner. He was suddenly deprived of a comfortable life and was left wandering on the suburb streets like a dreaded ghost, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As years piled on, he lost his spark and his beautiful fur turned into an ugly, matted mess that became home to ticks and parasites.

Combo was dying from a slew of medical conditions when he was picked up by the rescuers of “Save A Greek Stray”. He was confused as he stared at the vet with his bulging eyes, but he soon became the most cooperative pooch. Combo received a shave and a bath to clear up the ticks, but the vet was horrified to discover something much sinister about his previous owner.

Combo had 2 stitches on the back of his neck, which was the result of a microchip removal surgery. While the owner clearly didn’t want to be traced, it was even more scandalizing that the procedure was done by a professional who knew the microchip’s location. Somewhere, some vet had shamelessly violated their sacred code and pledge to protect animals.

For the first few days after rescue, Combo would just sleep and eat. He was visibly embarrassed of his shabby skin and would shy away whenever someone petted him. But gradually, he grew stronger and gained the confidence to be himself around humans again. His skin is almost healed now and his fur has also started to grow back. We’re pretty sure he’s going to be one handsome little stunner in a matter of months!

Click the video below to watch Combo’s sickening plight just after he was picked up from the streets.


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