Dogs Kept On Chains All Their Lives In Freezing Cold Taste Freedom For 1st Time

North Carolina’s “Coalition to Unchain Dogs” is a group of like-minded people who believe in helping troubled dogs without being too judgmental toward owners who sincerely love their pets, wriets ilovemydogsomuch

They especially focus on improving the quality of life for chained dogs by providing free spay or neuter surgeries and vaccinations.

When this group heard about the dogs Oreo and Mama, they immediately wanted to help them. The 2 dogs were chained outside their homes in the bitter cold 24/7, while their dingy doghouses provided them little to no comfort. The poor owners loved the dogs but couldn’t keep them indoors. After brainstorming about ways to help them, the rescuers finally decided to build individual fences for the dogs!

In this video, we see the selfless volunteers working through a freezing day to build solid fences for the 2 dogs. They also spread out a huge quantity of hay in the doghouses and across the yard to provide adequate insulation and warmth for the shivering dogs.

When the volunteers are done with the fences, they finally remove the dogs’ heavy chains and let them roam free in their very own open space. The dogs leap in joy and go around in circles as they celebrate their freedom for the first time in their lives! Kudos to this exceptional group for finding such a noble way to help the dogs and their owners!

Click the video below to watch Oreo and Mama’s precious reaction after losing their chains!


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